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The 20 Most Insanely Perfect and Twisted ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Answers

If you laugh at these then you are just as sick and terrible as the rest of us… [via happyplace]


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Japanese Dads Jumping Next to Their Daughters (11 Pics)

If you think your dad is embarrassing, just be glad you’re not one of these Japanese daughters. These photos are part of a series by photographer Yûki Aoyama and they are amazing. [via metro uk]


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24 Inappropriate Children’s Books That Actually Exist

How these books ever ended up on book shelves is a mystery…


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The Weird Things You See on the Subway (20 Pics)

These unusual sightings are one of the unique perks of riding public transportation…


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This is What Photo Studio Portraits Look Like for Babies in Japan

Sears family portraits have got nothing on Japanese portrait studios. This father says, “Took my daughter to a photo studio in Japan. 10/10 would do again.”


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Birds With Big Mouths Instead of Beaks (8 Pics)

These horrifying ‘Big Mouth Birds’ are the work of digital artist Sarah DeRemer. Let’s all be glad birds have beaks… [via lsq]


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