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‘How to Get a Husband:’ A Guide From 1880

 This extremely dated pamphlet is for all the “young ladies, spinsters and widows” out there. Just follow the simple advice, and you’ll be married in no time! [via neatorama]


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This Version of Shaq’s Gold Bond Commercials is the Only Version You Ever Need


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What is Wrong With You People? (19 Pics)

Guys, I don’t even know anymore. I just don’t know…


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20 Images That Have a Lot of Explaining To Do

Will someone please tell me what is going on in these photos?


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22 Japanese-to-English T-Shirts That Got Lost in Translation

These Japanese shirts appear to include English words almost at random… [via reddit/twisted sifter]


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Apparently There’s a Satanic Coloring Book for Kids (7 Pics)

A recent ruling in Florida authorized the legality of distributing religious pamphlets to children in school rooms. In response, the Satanic Temple (a group that advocates separation of church and state), put together these pamphlets to point out that Christianity isn’t the only religion that kids could potentially be exposed to… [via dailydot]


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