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Extreme Japanese Apologizing is Super Impressive (7 GIFs)

In Japan, when you really screw up sometimes a verbal apology isn’t enough. Here, the practice of groveling is taken to a hilarious extreme. [via kotaku]


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Sellotape Selfies (24 Pics)

New Facebook trend: wrapping your head in clear plastic tape and taking a selfie. Check out Sellotape Selfies on Facebook for more. [via huffpo]


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How About Nope (22 Pics)

These pictures will all make you say, “Nope!”


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20 Bizarre People Spotted at Walmart

The blog People of Walmart has become the Internet’s go-to source for all things weird at America’s most popular super center…


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20 Books That You Won’t Believe Are Real

How did these books ever get published?


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21 Pictures That Have a Lot of Explaining to do

The events that led up to these pictures are a complete mystery to me…


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