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Birds With Big Mouths Instead of Beaks (8 Pics)

These horrifying ‘Big Mouth Birds’ are the work of digital artist Sarah DeRemer. Let’s all be glad birds have beaks… [via lsq]


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Weird Russian Food Art (14 Pics)

I’m not sure what these chefs were going for, because these culinary pieces of art look far from appetizing… [via s&u]


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‘How to Get a Husband:’ A Guide From 1880

 This extremely dated pamphlet is for all the “young ladies, spinsters and widows” out there. Just follow the simple advice, and you’ll be married in no time! [via neatorama]


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This Version of Shaq’s Gold Bond Commercials is the Only Version You Ever Need


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What is Wrong With You People? (19 Pics)

Guys, I don’t even know anymore. I just don’t know…


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20 Images That Have a Lot of Explaining To Do

Will someone please tell me what is going on in these photos?


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