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Awesome Dudes Take Annual Group Portrait at Wal-Mart (6 Pics)

Every year this guy and his old college buddies get together to have a ‘Man Weekend.’ Along with drinking beers and catching up, they also take a group theme photo. Here are their masterpieces from the last six years…

70’s Basketball Players:


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21 Reasons Getting Old Will be Freaking Awesome

If you think getting old is a bad thing, think again. I mean, just look at all the awesome things we have to look forward to…

1. You won’t have to walk anywhere, ever:


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Australian Feminine Product Commercial



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Compilation: Best Pranks Ever

Thank you, Japan.


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Musical Mad Libs

Rob Scallon asked his followers to write and send him random lyrics. He used their submissions to compose this masterpiece…


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Best Katy Perry Cover Ever

Matt Mulholland uses nothing but his mouth and a looper to recreate Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.



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