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13 Video Game Villains Who Secretly Had Good Intentions

Cracked recently asked its users to shed some light on the good-natured intentions of popular video game characters. Here are the best of the best…


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Things I Learned From Video Games (9 Pics)

See mom, playing video games aren’t a waste of time…look at all the valuable lessons we’ve learned. These amazing illustrations come courtesy of Paperbeatsscissors.


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8-Bit Movie Posters (13 Pics)

Graphic Designer, Eric Palmer, created these amazing 8-bit movie posters. Click through to see old-school video game renditions of Kill Bill, Harry Potter, Office Space, Jurassic Park and more…


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Video: Battlefield 3 NES Edition

This is what Battlefield 3 would be like with NES sound effects…



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Epic Rap Battle: Mario Bros. vs. Wright Bros.

Here’s the latest Epic Rap Battle from ERB


via smosh

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Super Mario Clue Board Game

Somebody’s run out of lives in the Mushroom Kingdom…and it’s up to you to figure whodunnit. Click the board to enlarge. Character and weapon cards after the jump!

Update! Here’s an amazingĀ upgraded, printable version, courtesy of Silver Tears.


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