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If Super Mario Characters Were Hipsters (4 Pics)

Artist Sam Milham ratchets up the detached irony to 9,000 with these illustrations that re-imagine Mario and friends as pretentious hipsters. [via designtaxi]


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The A to Z of Video Game Deaths

Here’s a pretty awesome collection of “Game Over Tinies” created by Brentalfloss that depict an alphabetic documentation of video game character deaths. [via ufunk]


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Video Game Battle: Adulthood vs. Childhood

college humor

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Impossible Video Games (5 Pics)

Forget Battletoads. When it comes to the game of life, these video games are pretty much impossible to beat…


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13 Video Game Villains Who Secretly Had Good Intentions

Cracked recently asked its users to shed some light on the good-natured intentions of popular video game characters. Here are the best of the best…


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Things I Learned From Video Games (9 Pics)

See mom, playing video games aren’t a waste of time…look at all the valuable lessons we’ve learned. These amazing illustrations come courtesy of Paperbeatsscissors.


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