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18 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

These tweets are top-choice and you’d be a fool not to take five minutes and enjoy them…


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Some Pleated-Jeans Tweets

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, here’s what you’ve been missing…


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Very British Problems (16 Pics)

The prim and proper reputation of Britain has led to some very British problems. The Twitter account @SoVeryBritish is here to document them all…


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18 Funny Tweets About the Impending Apocalypse

If we’re all going to die, then let’s at least die laughing…


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The Universe Replies to Your Thoughts on Twitter

So, some guy made a Twitter account just so he could respond to tweets with the word “Universe” in them. Click through for more.


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21 Seriously Funny Tweets

Below are some of the funniest tweets from some of the funniest people on Twitter. If you’re into the whole tweeting thing, I highly recommend following all of these tweeps.


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