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18 Funny TV and Movie Screencaps


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12 Funny Translated TV Show Titles

Artist James Chapman has been having a good time illustrating the literal translations of American TV show titles¬†that have aired in other countries…


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20 Reasons Cosmo Kramer is the Greatest TV Neighbor of All Time

When it comes to wacky neighbors,¬†Seinfeld’s Kramer takes the Mackinaw peach (sorry, Kimmy Gibbler).


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Jimmy Fallon Asks Newscasters to Deliver Fake Good News

We all need this right now…

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‘Adventure Time’ Characters Illustrated as Other Pop Culture Characters (6 Pics)

Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez collaborated to create these super cool illustrations of Finn, Jake and other ‘Adventure Time’ characters crossing over into other pop culture worlds. [via laughing squid]


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Dana Carvey Sings ‘Choppin Broccoli’ With Orchestra

Dana Carvey’s classic song gets revived on The Tonight Show…

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