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Trip, The Lonely Tripod (9 Pics)

This redditor says, “My roommates forgot to bring their tripod when they left for their cruise…a mistake that inevitably led to the following series of tragic events.”

The day of their departure:


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NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette (20 Pics)

Nathan W. Pyle‘s series of tips are designed for people living in and visiting New York City. However, a lot of the tips make sense no matter where you live…


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Hotels: Expectations vs. Reality (6 Pics)

Sadly, the hotel experience isn’t nearly as picture-perfect as hotels would like you to believe. Below are six discrepancies that we can all identify with…


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Things To Do In Chicago (CHART)

I’m heading to Chicago today…looking forward to all the things I’m going to be doing.

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The Angry Traveler’s Guide to Obscene Gestures

Sadly, the good, old middle finger isn’t the universal way to quickly and easily tell someone to “fuck off.” As such, if you’re in a foreign land and really want to tell some jerk how much of a douche he is, then this “handy” (lol) little chart may be for you.


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Man Cruises From Royal Caribbean (PICS)

Hey jerk face! Put some hair on that wussy chest of yours with Man Cruises from Royal Caribbean!!

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