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16 Funny Stores and Businesses Spotted on The Simpsons

Let’s head back to Springfield for another round up of background gags. This time, Let’s look at some funny stores and business names. Shout out to Signs of Springfield for collecting these.


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28 Funny Products Spotted on The Simpsons

Below are just a few of the ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome) products that you could purchase if you lived in Springfield. Big hat tip to Signs of Springfield for most of these.


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28 More Funny Signs From The Simpsons (2.11.13)

Let’s take a trip back to Springfield and have a look at a few of the many, many hilarious sign gags that have been spotted throughout the city…


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27 Funny Vehicles From the Simpsons

Whether it’s a moving van with a funny name or a Very Tall Man in a tiny car, there have been plenty of hilarious cars, trucks, vans and vehicles featured in The Simpsons. Here are the 27 funniest ones I could find.


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21 Funny Signs From The Simpsons

When it comes to background gags, The Simpsons is king. Let’s take a second and bring some of those background gags to the forefront (see what I did there?) by checking out a bunch of funny signs from the classic Fox sitcom…


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GRAPHICS: Average Daily Food Intake of Homer Simpson, Seinfeld Cast & Garfield

We all know Homer Simpson is a big fan of food, but it’s really not until you lay his daily food intake out onto a single table that you really get an idea of his true gluttony. Check out table spreads of an average day’s worth of nourishment for Homer Simpson, the Seinfeld cast and Garfield the cat.

(note: these are very rough estimates based on evidence found in each show. Also, the real-life image that inspired this post is worth checking out)

Click image to enlarge – suggested daily calories for Homer are based on recommended caloric intake for 1 middle-aged man with weight of 300 lbs. See below for a complete breakdown of calories for each item.


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