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‘Reflection of Hideous Man’ Currently on Display in the LACMA Museum Bathroom

This sick burn in the museum bathroom is the latest addition to LACMA’s art collection. [via obvious plant]

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Blindfolded Limbo Prank


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Mutant Spider Dog Prank is Adorably Terrifying

via happyplace

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Dad Scares Daughter Year-Round With Halloween Skeleton (7 Pics)

Tumblr user mostly-perfect says, “one time my dad bought a skeleton for Halloween, and one day he decided to place it in the kitchen to scare me and it went too far…”


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Woman Falls for Interactive Shark Prank

via dpf

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Entire Family Recreates Youngest Son’s Selfie

So, this young gentlemen took an innocent selfie with his new phone. Then, the rest of the family decided to poke a little fun and recreate the same pic. [via happyplace]


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