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Here’s a Line of Hideous Suits Inspired by Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Finally! A festive line of business suits that lets you show your holiday cheer. Created by Shinesty, these suits are 100% real and available for purchase. [via lsq]


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Dad and Kids Build Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Out of LEGOs

3,200 invisible pieces!? Wow, what an impressive feat of teamwork and patience! [via lsq]


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Honest Names for Different Kinds of Alcohol

Let’s all be honest, these retitled bottles of alcohol by Rachel Page are way more accurate. [via huffpo]


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Awesome Dudes Take Annual Group Portrait at Wal-Mart (6 Pics)

Every year this guy and his old college buddies get together to have a ‘Man Weekend.’ Along with drinking beers and catching up, they also take a group theme photo. Here are their masterpieces from the last six years…

70’s Basketball Players:


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How to Make a Cute Dress Out of Shorts (7 Pics)

A very quick and simple tutorial for turning your shorts into a stylish dress. [via reddit]

Put on Shorts:


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Guys Channel Their Inner Spice Girls (5 Pics)

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want: I want these guys to take more photos of themselves posing as the Spice Girls because it’s hilarious… [via]


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