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Never Fall Asleep at Work…Especially if Your Coworkers Have Photoshop (20 Pics)

This Redditor says, “My older brother took a nap at work after staying up all night to watch NBA finals. His coworkers took a picture of him and decided to have fun with it.”


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17 New Animal Hybrids

I’ve posted Photoshopped animal hybrids before, but these new ones are worth checking out. Full credit to the participants¬†over at Bored Panda.


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Bears With Beaks (16 Pics)

Apparently, there is an entire subreddit devoted to Photoshopping bears with beaks. Here are a few of the best masterpieces… [via neatorama]


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One Girl’s Quest to Have the Funniest Facebook Cover Photos (12 Pics)

This Facebook user has been using her Photoshop skills to routinely make her friends and family laugh. Check out a few of her excellent cover/profile pic mashups below. [via 22words]


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Celebrities With Inverted Mouths and Eyes (21 Pics)

The simple genius of turning the mouths and eyes of celebrities upside down, brought to you by Freaking News. [via sad and useless]


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How Rock & Roll Legends Would Look If They Were Alive Today

Sachs Media teamed up with Phojoe to give us these images of what famous musicians might look like if they were still around today… [via lsq]

Kurt Cobain:


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