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Celebrities With Inverted Mouths and Eyes (21 Pics)

The simple genius of turning the mouths and eyes of celebrities upside down, brought to you by Freaking News. [via sad and useless]


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How Rock & Roll Legends Would Look If They Were Alive Today

Sachs Media teamed up with Phojoe to give us these images of what famous musicians might look like if they were still around today… [via lsq]

Kurt Cobain:


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24 Expertly Crafted Animal Mashups

Artist Quebectango creates “digital taxidermy” by combining the features of two different animals to create one glorious new beast. The results are hilarious. [via buzzfeed]


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18 Pictures That Are Probably Photoshopped

I can’t be sure, but I have my suspicions that these images have been Photoshopped…


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Brides Throwing Cats Instead of Bouquets (14 Pics)

The hot new blog Brides Throwing Cats will change your life forever! Or, at the very least provide a few minutes of exceptional amusement… [via daily of the day]


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Scarlett Johansson Falls Down, Internet Takes Over (14 Pics)

Poor Scarlett Johansson recently tripped and fell while walking on the sidewalk. Garnering no sympathy from the Internet, the masters of Photoshop quickly swooped in. Below is the original with the first alteration. Click through to see the rest. [via S&U]


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