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‘Best Case Scenario’ Photo Series Captures Hard Life of Parenting (11 Pics)

Sadly, this humorous photo series by Danielle Guenther features scenarios that are all too familiar to parents around the world. [via ufunk]


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Mom Photographs Baby in Adorable and Fantastical Situations

This is Chi Ara, an adorable newborn who’s mom has taken to inserting her into adorable scenarios right from the comfort of their own home. Follow and find more pictures on Instagram. [via designtaxi]


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Seniors Get Sporty in Humorous Photoseries (19 Pics)

Photographer Dean Bradshaw takes a humorous slant on sport-themed advertising by replacing typically youthful models with elderly athletes. [via ufunk]


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Elizabethan Versions of Pop Culture Heroes (15 Pics)

Photographer Sasha Golderberger shows us what superheroes and Star Wars characters would look like if they were around in the Elizabethan era. [via dorkly]


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11 Hilarious Photos of People Taking Shots

Sometimes, getting a shot of alcohol down can be a trial of the taste buds. Photographer Tim Charles captures these trials with his fun photoseries, “Shot Face.” [via huffpo]


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Dog Pageant Photo Series by Sophie Gamand (7 Pics)

Photographer Sophie Gamand took these adorable pictures of dogs competing in a pageant that included active wear, talent and evening wear segments. [via laughing squid]


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