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Baby Dresses Up as Popular TV Characters

Photographer Karen Abad joined forces with her friend’s baby (Olivia) to deliver this adorable TV-themed photoset. [via mymodernmet]


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Guy Puts Stuff in His Beard, Takes Classy Photos

This project by photographer Pierce Thiot started out as a silly way to entertain his kids, but eventually grew into this professional photo series. You can follow the project on tumblr. [via designtaxi]


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High Fashion Portraits of Chihuahuas (12 Pics)

Sophie Gamand is a pet photographer who felt these chihuahuas needed a taste of the high life. Are these the fanciest pups you’ve ever seen? [via 22words]


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Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby (10 Pics)

These super awesome homemade movie recreations are brought to you by parents Lilly and Leon. Cardboard Box Office is an ongoing project that introduces their newborn boy to the world of film. [via laughing squid]



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The 50 States of LEGO

Photographer and LEGO master, Jeff Friesen, just finished a new project that features scenes of all 50 states depicted in LEGO. These are awesome…



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Kids’ Drawings of Grandparents Recreated in Photographs

Yoni Lefevre is a designer in the Netherlands. In this project, Yoni had children draw pictures of their grandparents with the intent of then recreating the drawing in real life. The results are surreal and awesome… [via neatorama]


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