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Dad Illustrates Things Said by (and to) His Two-Year-Old

Sometimes, the curious things that come out of a toddler’s mouth are worth saving. Or, at least that’s what father Martin Bruckner believes. After hearing his wife tell their daughter, “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes,” he started illustrating the strange phrases uttered in his house. You can follow Spaghetti Toes on Pinterest and Tumblr.


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Mom Returns to Makes You Look Bad With More Impressive Food Art (10 Pics)

Hong-Kong based mom Anne Widya ups the game with these brand new sausage-inspired breakfast scenes. [via boredpanda]


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This Diagram of a Baby is Way Too Honest

Parents can identify with this painfully honest diagram of a baby… [via happyplace]

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Mom Uses Eggs to Make Amazing Breakfast Scenes (9 Pics)

Anne Widya is a Hong Kong-based mother of four who somehow has enough time to turn her kids’ breakfasts into these adorably cute scenes. [via lsq]


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Moms Hilariously Recaption Stock Photos of Parenting (20 Pics)

Stock photos seem to make parenting look easy and perfect.┬áThe blog It’s Like You Know Us allows mothers to correct that falsehood by submitting a more truthful caption with various stock photos they stumble across… [via 22words]


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18 Parents Who Are Doing it Wrong

These people need to enroll in a parenting class…


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