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This Diagram of a Baby is Way Too Honest

Parents can identify with this painfully honest diagram of a baby… [via happyplace]

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Mom Uses Eggs to Make Amazing Breakfast Scenes (9 Pics)

Anne Widya is a Hong Kong-based mother of four who somehow has enough time to turn her kids’ breakfasts into these adorably cute scenes. [via lsq]


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Moms Hilariously Recaption Stock Photos of Parenting (20 Pics)

Stock photos seem to make parenting look easy and perfect.┬áThe blog It’s Like You Know Us allows mothers to correct that falsehood by submitting a more truthful caption with various stock photos they stumble across… [via 22words]


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18 Parents Who Are Doing it Wrong

These people need to enroll in a parenting class…


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18 of the Geekiest Parents of All Time


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Parents Will Understand (20 Pics)

They say parenting is the hardest, best thing you’ll ever do…


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