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Chart: Raising a Dog vs. Raising a Kid

How much is raising a dog like raising a child? Father and dog owner Rob Fee lays it all on the line for us… [via mandatory]


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19 Parent Who Are Doing it Right

These parents earn big points for being awesome!


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14 Men Who Have Amazing Dad Reflexes (and Two Who Don’t)

These GIFs prove that when a child is in imminent danger, those dad reflexes (almost always) kick in… [via DadReflexes]


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Moms Share the Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Ever Said or Done (19 Pics)

Comedians and mothers Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee host a monthly show called The Pump and Dump in which they discuss the ups and downs of parenting. One of their recurring bits is to ask mothers to write down the weirdest things their kids have either said or done. Here are a few of the best… [via 22words]


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Dad Gives Honest Answers to Daycare Questionaire

This dad didn’t hold back any punches when it came to describing his 11-month-old daughter… [via neatorama]

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Mom Writes Hilarious Apology Notes to Her Baby

Mother and blogger Sarah Showfety’s blog Dear Baby XO catalogs all the tiny little apologies that parents owe their babies… [via]


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