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Here’s a Music-less Version of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’

mario wienerroither | via lsq

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Guy Loses Fantasy Football Bet, Recreates Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

This shot-for-shot remake is surprisingly accurate…

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Ian McKellan Upstages Musician in Music Video

British singer George Ezra invited Ian McKellan to cameo in his new music video…and McKellan quickly stole the spotlight.

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Extended Versions of Famous Album Covers

Communication agency Aptitude pulls back the lens on famous album covers to show as the larger picture… [via ufunk]


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Swing Dancers and Breakdancers Swap Music

Watch what happens when breakdancers bug out to swing music and swingers uprock to hip hop…

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Pop Songs Rewritten as Sonnets (14 Pics)

The tumblr blog Pop Sonnets is dedicated to rewriting popular songs as old world sonnets. The results are¬†perfect…


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