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Meow Men: Mad Men Opening Parody

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80’s Don Draper is Your New Favorite Twitter Account

Here’s a question: what if Mad Men was set in the 1980s? Well, the 80’s Don Draper Twitter account started by John McNamee (who also does Pie Comic) decided to find out.


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Video: Girls of Mad Men Sing ‘Keep Me Hanging On’

Another mashup…this one uses footage from Mad Men to sing all the lyrics of ‘Keep Me Hanging On.’

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Weekly Movie And TV Screencaps (10.22.10)

This week we’ve got a varied list of screencaps spanning several decades. Also, Mad Men Spoiler Alert: the last image comes from the season finale. If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to stop scrolling after the Dwight Schrute screencap.


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Made Men

The Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Crime Syndicate wreaked havoc on New York City for much of the late 1960s. Here’s a breakdown of the “family’s” organization:


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