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Chinese Animal Names Literally Translated Into English (12 Pics)

I dare say these are even better than the German Animal Names I posted last week… [via imgur]


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Artist Shows Us the Truth Behind Everyday Lies (16 Pics)

This poster series was created by artist and designer Justin Barker. How many of these can you relate to… [via S&U]


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One-Star Uber Driver Reviews (12 Pics)

I made these for Funny or Die


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The 22 Weirdest Senior Portraits of All Time

Whether these kids areĀ 100% clueless or 100% in on the joke, the results are fantastic… [h/t 22words]


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If Motivational Posters Were for People Who Hate Doing Stuff (13 Pics)

Buzzfeed has another hot new take on the classic motivational poster. This time, they’ve made a few for the lazy person in all of us…


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18 Ridiculous Things Spotted on the Daily Commute


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