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One Girl’s Quest to Have the Funniest Facebook Cover Photos (12 Pics)

This Facebook user has been using her Photoshop skills to routinely make her friends and family laugh. Check out a few of her excellent cover/profile pic mashups below. [via 22words]


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20 Pictures That Totally Seem Legit

These pictures aren’t suspicious in the slightest…


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18 Puns That Are So Bad, They’re Good


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24 Face Swaps That Are Just Plain Wrong

Every single one of these face swaps is an abomination to nature, and I mean that in the best possible way… [via r/faceswap]


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26 Pictures That Prove Japan is Nothing but Cute

Bloggers Jurgen and Mike spent 91 days in Tokyo. During their time, they snapped photos of all the cute stuff they came across. Here are a few of their findings. [via neatorama]


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I Hope You Don’t Plan on Sleeping Tonight (18 Pics)

Don’t look at these pictures unless you’re okay with having nightmares for the next week.


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