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21 Proud Animal Parents

These new animal parents are simply beaming with pride…


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20 Men Dressed as Female Pop Culture Characters

These gender-bending cosplayers¬†have turned themselves into female characters from movies, television and video games…

Pokemon’s Misty:


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Dog Pageant Photo Series by Sophie Gamand (7 Pics)

Photographer Sophie Gamand took these adorable pictures of dogs competing in a pageant that included active wear, talent and evening wear segments. [via laughing squid]


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20 Things That Actually Exist


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The 24 Most Awkward Vintage Photo Portraits of All Time

Not all moments in your life should be commemorated…


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20 Priceless Haunted House Reactions

Nightmare Fear Factory (in Niagara Falls, Canada) is back for the fourth year in a row with  photos they captured of guests at the peak of fear. [via mashable]


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