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20 Dangerous Times That Shots Were Fired

These¬†cutthroat statements are the equivalent of hurling the first grenade…


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16 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

This is now a weekly post. Let’s all go enjoy the best that Twitter has to offer…


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21 Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better About Life

It’s Monday, you could use a pick-me-up…


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People Cosplaying as Ikea Products (19 Pics)

Ikea Malaysia recently ran a contest asking customers to dress up like any product they sell in the store. The winner won a $250 gift certificate… [via neato/rocketnews24]


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I’m Not Even Mad…That’s Amazing (18 Pics)


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24 Places French Bulldogs Don’t Belong

These frenchies think that just because they’re cute, they can go wherever they want. Well, guess what, little buddies? You’re absolutely wrong!!

The cretaceous period:


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