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21 Valentine’s Day Cards for the Modern Romance

If you’re looking for an unconventional Valentine’s card, then these options are a good place to start your search… [h/t huffpo/buzzfeed]


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Birds With Big Mouths Instead of Beaks (8 Pics)

These horrifying ‘Big Mouth Birds’ are the work of digital artist Sarah DeRemer. Let’s all be glad birds have beaks… [via lsq]


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Grammar and Spelling Are Important (20 Pics)


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Weird Russian Food Art (14 Pics)

I’m not sure what these chefs were going for, because these culinary pieces of art look far from appetizing… [via s&u]


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20 Pictures That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind

These pictures are completely innocent, but I bet your brain begs to differ…


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Hotel Concierge Team One-Ups Guest’s Silly Room Requests

A recent visitor to San Antonio’s Hotel Indigo had a curious room request for her concierge…


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