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21 Times School Wasn’t Boring

Here’s proof that not every single second of school is a total drag…


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Artist Imagines School Photos for ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters (8 Pics)

What would the yearbook photos for ‘Game of Thrones’ characters look like if they grew up in the 80s and 90s? Bob Al-Green over at Mashable decided to find out…

Tyrion Lannister:


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Phillies Use Kids’ Drawings on Jumbotron as Images for the Players (9 Pics)

Here’s an adorable idea: instead of using actual photos, the Phillies used these silly drawings from kids to depict each starting player. [via deadspin]


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18 Puns That Are So Bad, They’re Good


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24 Perfectly Timed Animal Photobombs

These animals have impeccable timing…


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14 Coloring Book Corruptions

The blog Coloring Corruptions is dedicated to completely ruining the innocence of children’s coloring books. The results are pleasantly twisted… [via]


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