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Kids Say the Darndest Things (20 Pics)

Here’s a direct look into the mind of a child…


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20 Funny Quotes From Kids

LittleHoots is an app that allows parents to immortalize the quotes of their children in a stylish and shareable way. Here are a few recent quotes shared with the app. [via distractify]


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21 Images That Prove Kids Suck at Absolutely Everything

Let’s face it, kids are terrible at everything…

1. Tidying up


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Kids React to Seeing a VCR for the First Time

fine bros.

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This is What Photo Studio Portraits Look Like for Babies in Japan

Sears family portraits have got nothing on Japanese portrait studios. This father says, “Took my daughter to a photo studio in Japan. 10/10 would do again.”


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13 Things Your Toddler Can Do That You Can’t

via nickmom

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