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British Kids are Ecstatic About Terrible Christmas Presents

That’s the spirit…

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Dad Illustrates Things Said by (and to) His Two-Year-Old

Sometimes, the curious things that come out of a toddler’s mouth are worth saving. Or, at least that’s what father Martin Bruckner believes. After hearing his wife tell their daughter, “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes,” he started illustrating the strange phrases uttered in his house. You can follow Spaghetti Toes on Pinterest and Tumblr.


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Little Girl Turns Subway Platform Into Dance Party

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‘Pickiest Eaters Club’ Lets Moms Commiserate About Kids’ Eating Habits

The website Mommy Shorts recently asked its readers to vent about the picky eating habits of their kids. Here are some of the funniest… [via 22words]


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16 Bad Jokes From Kids

The blog Bad Kids Jokes is full of finely crafted jokes from tomorrow’s top comedians. [via distractify]


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Budsies Turns Kid Drawings Into One-of-a-Kind Plush Toys

Budsies isn’t the first company to transform your kid’s drawings into stuffed animals, but their results are pretty stellar… [via designtaxi]


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