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Phillies Use Kids’ Drawings on Jumbotron as Images for the Players (9 Pics)

Here’s an adorable idea: instead of using actual photos, the Phillies used these silly drawings from kids to depict each starting player. [via deadspin]


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Baby’s First Lemon

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More Pictures That Prove Kids Are Freaking Weird (19 Pics)

What the heck is wrong with these kids?


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Artist Turns Corrective Helmets for Babies into Works of Art

Flat-head syndrome is a fairly common baby ailment that requires a helmet to fix. Rather than be stuck with a boring old white one, Paula Strawn makes a living painting them… [via mymodernmet]


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Baby Has Heated Discussion With Dad

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Little Girl Sings ‘Frozen’ Song During Splinter Removal

Stay strong, young one…

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