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Why Websites Need To Stop Being So Douchey

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How to Stop Looking at the Internet

The Internet is full of awesome things. Here are some of the best ways to get yourself to stop looking at it…

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Buy This Poster!

Things to Do When the Internet is Down is now a poster! Only $8…buy it here!

I have a very limited number of these…so get one now before they’re gone.

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16 Funny Google Search Results

People search some weird things on Google…


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21 Google Plus Circles You Can Actually Use

I was going to make something like this…now I don’t have to.

via Happy Place

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17 Funniest Comment Replies From People on Tumblr

In case you are unaware, there are a ton of smart asses on tumblr. Below are 17 of the funniest replies that tumblr users have given to comments/questions received from their followers. We’ll kick things off with one from yours truly (and while we’re on the subject, you should really consider following Pleated-Jeans on tumblr).


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