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The Life and Times of Liz Lemon’s Hair

Flavorwire has put together a visual timeline of what Liz Lemon’s hair has looked like from birth until present day. Click through to see all the awkwardness…


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Infographic: White Guy Dance Moves

Are you a white guy looking to fit in with all the other white guys on the dance floor? If so, then this handy reference sheet from Killer Infographics is for you.

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Wedding Proposal via Infographic

Drake Martinet works for D: AllThingsDigital¬†and really loves his girlfriend. Combine these two things, and the result is a wedding proposal that comes in the form of a geeky infographic. Click through to see him break down the numbers on their love…


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Human Cuts of Meat (Infographic)

Are you thinking about becoming a cannibal? If so, then the following infographic should help you ease into your new dietary life choice.


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Infographic: Left-Handed Facts and Statistics

As a proud left-hander, I can tell you being in this minority group has its pros and cons. Check out this list of interesting left-handed facts and statistics to learn more about your sinister self (or your sinister friends).


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Football Referee Symbols


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