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Sex Move Name Generator

The good folks over at Mandatory have come up with an ingenious and simple way of discovering your new favorite sex move…

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Adorable Nephew Thinks Baby Needs to Charge Before it Can Come Home

Kids these days have different frames of reference. After seeing his new cousin for the first time, a 5-year-old asked his uncle how long the newborn needed to charge before it could come home. That’s a heart-rate monitor… [via]

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Doctor’s Reply to Companies Requiring a Medical Note for Sick Days is Absolutely Perfect

This doctor is fed up with patients coming to him strictly to receive a written medical note, and for good reason… [via]

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This Diagram of a Baby is Way Too Honest

Parents can identify with this painfully honest diagram of a baby… [via happyplace]

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Restaurant Owner’s Perfect Response to Angry Yelp Review

This restaurant owner went out of his way to reply to one woman’s angry Yelp review. Click through to see his beautiful response… [via themeta]


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An Average Saturday Morning: With Kids vs. Without Kids

Rob Fee over at Mandatory tells it like it is…

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