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Restaurant Owner’s Perfect Response to Angry Yelp Review

This restaurant owner went out of his way to reply to one woman’s angry Yelp review. Click through to see his beautiful response… [via themeta]


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An Average Saturday Morning: With Kids vs. Without Kids

Rob Fee over at Mandatory tells it like it is…

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‘My Kids Suck:’ Every Parent Can Identify With This Craigslist Ad

Maybe it wasn’t a trampoline, but just about every¬†parent has been here… (click the image to enlarge if necessary). [via]

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How to Make Gang Signs More Fun


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21 Creative Ways to Discreetly Drive Someone Crazy


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Lawyer Parents Had Daughter Sign Affidavit for Tooth Fairy

Poor Emily lost her tooth and couldn’t find it. To make sure she still got proper reimbursement from the tooth fairy, her lawyer parents had her sign an affidavit. [via¬†happyplace]

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