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Artist Turns Starbucks Mermaid Into Pop Culture Characters (20 Pics)

An artist who goes by Sleevebucks has discovered that the Starbucks mermaid logo serves as a great template for pop culture transformations. [via lsq]


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Artist Illustrates the Unique Problems of Animals (20 Pics)

These cute illustrations by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee point out the unusual problems that our friends in the animal kingdom face on a daily basis. For those interested, you can buy the Animal Problems book here. [via bored panda] (more…)

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28 Hijacked Pop Culture Coins

Artist Andre Levy loves hijacking coins with a little paint to turn them into more interesting pop culture characters… [via ufunk]


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Starbucks Coffee Cup Cartoons (27 Pics)

Artist Josh Hara has taken to drawing his humorous comics on disposable Starbucks cups… [via ufunk]


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15-Year-Old’s Amazing Lined Paper Drawings (11 Pics)

João A. Carvalho is a 15-year-old artist with skills well beyond his years… [via lsq]


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Here’s What ‘Hey Arnold’ Characters Would Look Like as Adults (15 Pics)

Artist Nuri Durr shows us what the characters from ‘Hey Arnold’ might look like today. To cap it off, he also provides updated character descriptions to let you know what they’ve been up to… [via huffpo]


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