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12 Funny Translated TV Show Titles

Artist James Chapman has been having a good time illustrating the literal translations of American TV show titles that have aired in other countries…


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The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide to Not Being Sad (8 Pics)

Artist Lize Meddings has created The Sad Ghost Club, a series of endearing comics aimed at helping people be less sad…


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Round 2: If Pop Culture Characters Were Overweight (39 Pics)

Artist Alex Solis continues his hilarious Famous Chunkies series with this onslaught of new additions… [via ufunk]


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Mr. Bean Inserted Into Historical Paintings (14 Pics)

These illustrations by Rodney Pike seamlessly insert Mr. Bean’s Rowan Atkinson into famous paintings from history. [via mymodernmet]


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Random Pairing: Comics That Mix TV Shows, Books and Movies

Artist and writer Ben Greene has created this running series of illustrations that randomly pairs up different pop culture characters and stories. See more at Random Pairing.

Terminator/Full House:


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Clever Money Art Turns U.S. Presidents Into Pop Culture Characters (27 Pics)

Redditer Pun_isher recently shared some of his monetary masterpieces…


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