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Artist Turns Children’s Photos Into Adorable Cartoon Characters (18 Pics)

These uber-cute illustrations from artist Maria Jose Da Luz are the perfect way to commemorate your kid’s early years. You can see more of these pics on Maria’s behance page, and commission a portrait of your own here. [via neatorama]


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‘Mass Hysteria’ Art Show Features Adorable Pop Culture Crowds

Los Angeles-based illustrator Truck Torrence has a solo art show opening Friday, February 6th at Gallery 1988. The series features recognizable large crowds from pop culture movies, TV shows and more. Here’s a preview… [via xombiedirge]


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These Pop Culture Movie Parody Posters Are Even Better Than The Originals

The website Ript Apparel recently held it’s 2nd annual RIPTcademy Awards Parody Poster contest. Here are the best entries. All posters can be purchased here. [via imgur]


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Artist Turns Starbucks Mermaid Into Pop Culture Characters (20 Pics)

An artist who goes by Sleevebucks has discovered that the Starbucks mermaid logo serves as a great template for pop culture transformations. [via lsq]


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Artist Illustrates the Unique Problems of Animals (20 Pics)

These cute illustrations by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee point out the unusual problems that our friends in the animal kingdom face on a daily basis. For those interested, you can buy the Animal Problems book here. [via bored panda] (more…)

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28 Hijacked Pop Culture Coins

Artist Andre Levy loves hijacking coins with a little paint to turn them into more interesting pop culture characters… [via ufunk]


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