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How Drunk You Are, Based on the Dance You’re Doing (8 Pics)

These dance moves are a dead giveaway that you’re totally wasted. [via collegehumor]


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Superhero Selfies (7 Pics)

Artist Butcher Billy shows us what a few selfies from superheroes would look like… [via thaeger]


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Round 2: Gritty Reboots of Popular Childhood Characters (23 Pics)

French illustrator Sylvain Sarrailh is back with a bunch more badass re-imaginings of classic cartoon characters. These are so rad… [via ufunk]


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Artist Turns Corrective Helmets for Babies into Works of Art

Flat-head syndrome is a fairly common baby ailment that requires a helmet to fix. Rather than be stuck with a boring old white one, Paula Strawn makes a living painting them… [via mymodernmet]


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If Disney Characters Were in a Zombie Apocalypse (13 Pics)

This super awesome illustration series is called The Walking Disney and it’s by artist Kasami-Sensei. [via kotaku]

Pocahontas and John:


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If Famous Vehicles From Movies & TV Were Transformers (12 Pics)

Artist Darren Rawlings (a.k.a. “Rawlsy“) shows us what a few famous vehicles would look like if they were Transformers. [via laughing squid]


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