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Humorous Witch Illustrations by Jim Benton (12 Pics)

Illustrator Jim Benton wants you to get into the Halloween spirit with this clever series of witch illustrations…


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Batman and Bane in Classic Horror Movies

Here’s what a few classic horror films would look like if they featured Batman and Bane…

pistol shrimps

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Big Cats Rip Apart Pumpkins and Halloween Pinatas

Cats will be cats, no matter what size they are…

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19 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Lazy People

Still don’t know what you’re wearing for Halloween? Well, here are 19 extremely easy costume ideas that you can throw together in no time…


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How to Go Trick-or-Treating as an Adult

Some solid tips…

mr. forthright

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24 Kids Who Are Going to be Getting a Ton of Candy This Halloween

These kids owe their parents a fun-size Snickers or two, because they’re costumes are so freaking awesome they’re going to be swimming in candy this Halloween.


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