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22 Signs You’re a Geek and Always Have Been

In case you needed confirmation, here are 22 signs you’re a geek…

1. You REALLY want this car:


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This Harry Potter Theme Wedding is Every Geek’s Dream (28 Pics)

Meredith Fahey and Josh Votaw are the envy of every Harry Potter geek with this super elaborate and awesome theme wedding. All photo credits to the wedding photographer: Candice Benjamin. [via incredible things]


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Super Mario Game of Thrones

Here’s what the opening to ‘Games of Thrones’ would look like if it took place in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Superhero Selfies (7 Pics)

Artist¬†Butcher Billy¬†shows us what a few selfies from superheroes would look like… [via thaeger]


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Star Wars Characters Get ‘Happy’ on Tatooine

A parody of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ music video…

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Star Wars/Winter Olympics Mashup

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