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World War 2 Propaganda Posters for Super Mario

Koopa’s army is looking to enlist a few good baddies. These posters by Fro Design should help the cause. You can buy posters of these here. [via it8bit]


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Gaming With My Mom Compilation

Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to get their moms to play video games with them…

jimmyfallon | via clipnation

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Nutritional Guides for Food in Video Games

How much nutrition does a Pac-Man power pellet have? The folks at Complex put these graphics together to help you find out. [via laughing squid]


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Arrested Development NES Games (6 Pics)

Chicken dance of excitement! These amazing Arrested Development video game mock-ups were created by Jesse Eisemann. Actual (non-functioning) cartridges for the games can be bought here. [via rid]


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Super Mario Beads 3

An extremely impressive stop-motion Mario level.

lefvandebilder | via clip nation

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Introducing the Lich King Power Meme (18 Pics)

This fellow right here is named the Lich King and he’s a character in World of Warcraft. His image is currently getting remixed into oblivion on canv.as. Check out the best entries so far, and add your own if you feel inspired.


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