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Parents Give the Gift of Embarrassment

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Petition to Build Death Star Receives Official Response From White House

A petition asking the U.S. government to build a real-life version of the Star Wars Death Star received enough online signatures to require an acknowledgement from the White House. Here is the official response…


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24 Puns That Are So Bad, They’re Good

Puns get a lot of bad press for being lame. However, sometimes a play on words actually turns out to be so bad, it’s good. Below are 24 examples.


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24 Weird and Funny Houses

Have you ever wanted to live in a house shaped like a shoe? What about one that seems to hover above the ground? Or one that looks like a giant strawberry? Below are a few of the most bizarre and silly houses ever constructed…

Mustache House:


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Guy Photoshops Celebrities Into His Christmas Parties

Everett Hiller has become legendary among his friends (as well as online, to a degree) for throwing parties and then Photoshopping celebrities into the festivities after the fact. Here are some of his most recent gems…


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18 Funny Vintage Pics


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