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19 Cupcakes That Are Almost Too Perfect To Eat

These works of art are also edible…


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Chinese Buffet Phenomenon: Salad Towers

In China, Pizza Hut patrons are only allowed one trip to the salad bar. The result, is the invention of the ‘salad tower.’ Click through to see just how crazy these things can get. [via metapicture]


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6 Book-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors You Wish Were Real

In honor of National Ice Cream Month (which ends today, so buy a milkshake), Quirk Books cooked up a few book-inspired ice cream flavors. [via huffpost]


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Adorable Food Art by Samantha Lee (16 Pics)

Samantha Lee’s Instagram is filled with these impressive photos of pop culture characters that have been created with food. [via designtaxi]


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18 Funny Menu Items


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Sharing Nachos

How about you take one of them soggy ones on the bottom?

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