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Dedicated Girl Only Responds to Mom’s Texts With Images From ‘Frozen’

This clever teenager has been having fun pranking her mom by only responding to her texts with screencaps of the movie ‘Frozen.’ Her ingenuity is actually pretty impressive. [via viralnova]


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Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco Pose for Corny Stock Photos

In one of the most unique movie marketing stunts, the stars of the new film ‘Unfinished Business’ posed for a few cheesy stock photos. [via happyplace]


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Behind-the-Scenes Parody for a Live-Action ‘Frozen’

Starring Bella Thorn and Mae Whitman…

FOD | via lsq

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2015 Acatemy Award Pawminees

According to Books of Adam, this year’s best movies would’ve been even better if they featured an all-cat cast. [via catsbeaversandducks]


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25 Hilarious Amazon Movie Reviews

There’s a Twitter account called Amazon Movie Reviews that is devoted to sharing funny reviews posted to the Amazon.com. Here are a few of their recent finds..

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Little Girls Recreate Scenes From 2015 Oscar Nominated Movies

Chicago-based sisters Sophia and Sadie (with the help of their parents) do an excellent job of recreating popular movie scenes. You can see even more on their tumblr page. [via designtaxi]


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