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Olaf From Frozen as Disney Princesses (10 Pics)

Everyone’s new favorite snowman is playing dress-up as some of Disney’s classic princesses. [by tortallmagic]


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Japanese Movie Titles Translated Back Into English (18 Pics)

Sometimes, movies get renamed when they’re released in other countries. Here’s what happens when you translate a few popular movie titles from Japanese back into English. [via rocket24news]


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Anchorman 2 Gag Reel


via devour

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Men in Disney Cartoons Are Essentially Their Pets

This gallery proves that the men in Disney movies are the same as their pets… [via]


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Celebrity Impressionist Writes PSA for Oscar-Nominated Actors

This spot-on PSA teaches actors what to do and what not to do when accepting an Academy Award…

piotr michael | via lsq

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Unnecessarily Censored Version of Finding Nemo

jake vale | via lsq

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