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Doctors on Facebook Share Their ‘Dumbest Patient’ Stories

Doctors recently took to Facebook to commiserate about some of the stupidest patients they’ve ever had the pleasure of treating… [via meta]


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QVC Hosts Literally Don’t Know What the Moon Is

Is it a planet or a star!?

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18 Curiously Awful Chinese Knock-Off Products

It’s a pretty well-known fact that copyright laws are a little lax in the country of China… [via metapic]


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Guy Has Worst Time Launching His Kayak

I shouldn’t be laughing, but here we are…

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18 Accidentally Offensive T-Shirts

Sometimes completely innocent intentions can result in unintentionally vulgar results…


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25 Tattoos That Are the Definition of Regret

All of these tattoos might as well just say “Regret…”


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