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21 Extremely Awkward Band and Musician Photos

Surprisingly, these terrible band photos make me MORE interested in listening to their music.. [via awkward band photos]


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20 Art Students Who Totally Nailed the Project

I think it’s safe to say there aren’t any future Picassos in this group of artists…


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16 Horrendously Awful Disney Cake Disasters

It turns out that replicating Disney characters with cake and icing is harder than it sounds… [h/t diply]


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20 People Who Have Absolutely No Idea How to Technology

These poor people are all technologically illiterate…


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21 Poorly Placed Price Tags

I’m pretty sure at least a few of these are on purpose…


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Congreswoman Demonstrates Worst Parking Job Ever

This terrible parker is Eleanor Holmes Norton…a 77-year-old U.S. Representative for Washington D.C.

via mashable

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