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Remember Kids, Safety First! (22 Pics)


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24 Examples of Extremely Crappy Design

Whether it’s a product, an advertisement or a home remodel, these are some of the worst executed designs of all time…¬†[via crappydesign]


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Can You Make Sparkling Wine With a Sodastream?

The answer is a resounding “no.” If you’re in a hurry click to around the 1:10 mark to see the exciting conclusion…

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22 Extremely Unfortunate Abbreviations

Sometimes a shorter word isn’t always the right way to go…


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28 Panorama Photos That Went Horribly Right

These panorama photo attempts failed miserably…and that’s a good thing. [via smosh/distractify]


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24 Extremely Unfortunate Craft Fails

This horrendous list of craft fails proves you should never try anything you find on Pinterest. [via craft fails/izismile]


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