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Corgi Meets as Many Disney Characters as it Can in a Single Day

This little corgi wandered all around Disneyland and snapped a photo with as many characters as its little legs could find. See even more pics on the owner’s blog. [via callofthenerd]


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If Disney Characters Had Instagram (5 Pics)

These artful renditions of Disney character Instagram photos by Simona Bonafini are pretty darn great… [via designtaxi]


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Pogo Creates Song With Music and Voices From Disney Movies

Master remix artist Pogo hits us with a brand-new jam…

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Guy Proposes to Every Princess at Disney World

This guy did his best to lock down a Disney princess on a recent trip to Disney World. Unfortunately, it seems he didn’t get his fairy tale ending… [via happyplace]


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If Disney Characters Were in a Zombie Apocalypse (13 Pics)

This super awesome illustration series is called The Walking Disney and it’s by artist Kasami-Sensei. [via kotaku]

Pocahontas and John:


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Gender-Bent Disney Princes (8 Pics)

Here’s what a few Disney Princes would look like if they were ladies… [via]


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