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#AwkwardDate Twitter Tag Will Make You Feel Better About Your Dating Life

Jimmy Fallon recently asked his viewers to tweet some of their most awkward dating moments. Here are a few of the best… [via]


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Woman Completely Owns Annoying OK Cupid Guy Who Calls Her a Liar

Writer Natalie Guest has quick fingers and an even quicker way to shut up this guy who didn’t believe she could type 100 wpm. Click through to see the whole online exchange…


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1st Date vs. 21st Date

College Humor illustrates some of the differences between your 1st date with a guy and your 21st date with a guy…


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Relationship Games

These are the worst games ever.

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Five Mythical Creatures

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How to Get the Guy According to Movies

Anna over at Shmitten Kitten was inspired by my How to Get the Girl According to Movies post that went up yesterday. Check out the flip side of the coin with her “getting the guy” alternative.

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