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World’s Smallest Stuffed Animals (15 Pics)

All of these incredibly detailed (and incredibly tiny) stuffed animals were crocheted by a family of five living in Vietnam. Their Etsy shop, SuAmi, is named after the youngest child. [via 22words]


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Artist Crochets Stylish Sweaters for Tortoises (14 Pics)

Australian artist Katie Bradley has found a way to keep tortoises stylishly warm. Check out (and buy) more of her designs on Etsy. [via designtaxi]


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Peeps Art Contest 2013 (18 Pics)

The Seattle Times just closed submissions for its annual Peeps Contest. See a few of the standout entries below.


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Totally Rad Arts and Crafts by Love and a Sandwich (18 Pics)

I don’t really know anything about artist Chelsea Bloxsom, but if her arts and crafts line (Love and a Sandwich) is any indication, she’s probably one of the coolest people in the world. [via neatorama]


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Adorable Clothespin Dolls by LittleBun (21 Pics)

Etsy’s LittleBun puts her crafting skills to good use by creating these freaking awesome pop culture clothespin dolls. I can’t decide which on is my favorite…they’re all so good!

Bob Ross:


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Homemade Jedi Quiet Book for Kids (12 Pics)

This redditor says, “My friend’s sister made this for her kid.” As you can see, it’s the perfect way to keep your young Padawan quiet on a rainy day…


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