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Mitch Hedberg’s Letter to Uniball

This is awesome…here’s a recently uncovered letter written by Mitch Hedberg (RIP) in which he requests a sponsorship from the Uniball pen company. Click through to read the rest…


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Video: Louis C.K. on Letterman

Louis C.K. is one of best stand-up comedians performing today (true fact: I saw him running through the Los Angeles airport a couple weeks ago). Here he is performing a few jokes on The Late Show With David Letterman.


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Weekend Pic Dump (3.13.11)



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40 Funny Movie and TV Screencaps (2.4.11)

I always love when I come across the occasional Freaks and Geeks screencap. There are 38 more funny screencaps after the jump…


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Funny Pic Dump (2.2.11)


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35 Funny Movie and TV Screencaps (11.28.11)

Man, Jackie from That 70s Show had so many great pearls of wisdom. We’ve got your usual 30 Rock, Fresh Prince and Simpsons in here. There’s also some very special screencaps from such classics as The Sandlot and Mystery Science Theater.


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