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11 Odd Christmas List Requests From Kids Around the World

Greg Pembroke runs the popular parenting blog ‘Reasons My Son is Crying.’ Recently, users submitted the weirdest things their children have asked to receive for Christmas, and Greg got his friend Mark Chamberlin to illustrate the best ones… [via huffpo]


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Monty Python’s Eric Idle Sings Swear-Filled ‘F**k Christmas’

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20 People Who Took Gift Wrapping to the Next Level

For most people, just throwing it in a gift bag is enough. These people aren’t most people…


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The 20 Funniest Santa’s Lap Photos of All Time

Here are a few of Santa’s most memorable mall moments…


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The Auteurs of Christmas: Part II

Fairgrounds Media returns for a second year to show you Christmas through the lens of various famous film directors…

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The 24 Best/Worst Christmas Sweaters of All Time

These Christmas sweaters are all¬†absolutely perfect…


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