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Courteous Cat Fixes Toilet Paper He Unrolled

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Metalheads Posing With Their Cats (11 Pics)

Apparently, even the most hardcore metal fan has a soft side. Musician, jewelry designer and metal fan Alexandra Crocket has assembled a book of photos that feature metalheads posing with their cats. The book is aptly titled Metal Cats. [via flavorwire]


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Cat Owners Will Understand (24 Pics)

Owning a cat is a love/hate relationship (but mostly love)…


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16 Superhero Cats That Are Here to Rescue You

Have no fear, these super kitties are here…


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24 Cats Caught Mid-Sneeze

God bless you, kitties…


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Cat Owners Will Understand (24 Pics)

If you own a cat, then you can definitely relate to the following pictures…


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