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Guy Draws Over Pics of Cats on Snapchat, Results Are Magnificent (34 Pics)

This guy has devoted his snapchat account to the supreme goal of turning his cats into cartoon heroes. There are so many good ones in here…


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22 Cats That Clearly Have a Dangerous Catnip Problem

All these cats clearly need an intervention…


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Cat Owners Will Understand (21 Pics)


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Courteous Cat Fixes Toilet Paper He Unrolled

via lsq

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Metalheads Posing With Their Cats (11 Pics)

Apparently, even the most hardcore metal fan has a soft side. Musician, jewelry designer and metal fan Alexandra Crocket has assembled a book of photos that feature metalheads posing with their cats. The book is aptly titled Metal Cats. [via flavorwire]


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Cat Owners Will Understand (24 Pics)

Owning a cat is a love/hate relationship (but mostly love)…


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