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THIS IS NOT MY CAT! (24 pics)

These cats should be arrested for trespassing and/or breaking and entering because NONE OF THESE PEOPLE OWN CATS…


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21 Adorable Tucked in Cats

The subreddit Tucked in Kitties is dedicated to sharing nothing but cats enjoying nap time…


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2015 Acatemy Award Pawminees

According to Books of Adam, this year’s best movies would’ve been even better if they featured an all-cat cast. [via catsbeaversandducks]


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Kitty Cats With Fake Cartoon Eyes (14 Pics)

The latest photo trend in Japan is snap a photo of your cat with hand-drawn cartoon eyes. [via kotaku]


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Guy Draws Over Pics of Cats on Snapchat, Results Are Magnificent (34 Pics)

This guy has devoted his snapchat account to the supreme goal of turning his cats into cartoon heroes. There are so many good ones in here…


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22 Cats That Clearly Have a Dangerous Catnip Problem

All these cats clearly need an intervention…


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