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The Ryan Gosling Coloring Book (8 Pics)

That’s right, there’s now a Ryan Gosling coloring book, courtesy of Mel Elliot. Check out a few dreamy pages from the book below. [via biotv]


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The Awkward Merit Badges Sticker Book is Now Available!

The first Pleated-Jeans publication is now officially available! Thanks to all the early birds who pre-0rdered the book over the past few weeks. Now, don’t be a goof…go have a look at the book on Amazon right now!

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

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Awkward Merit Badges is Now a Book

Guys, I’m pretty excited to announce the release of the very first Pleated-Jeans book! Awkward Merit Badges is a sticker book that lets you reward the awkward people in your life with faux-Boy Scout merit badges. You can pre-order it on Amazon right now (release date: Feb. 12th).

Check out the book (AND BUY IT) on Amazon

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Why Unicorn Drinks (12 Pics)

This book by C.W. Moss lists all the reasons why Unicorn is a heavy alcoholic. Who knew the magical beast had such a troubled life? [book on Amazon] [via sad and useless]


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I Could Pee on This and Other Poems From Cats (9 Pics)

Did you know cats write poetry? Well, it’s true, and some of their best works have been collected into a book titled I Could Pee on This. Check out a few excerpts below. [via tumblr]


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How to Waste Your Entire Life

A book I am highly qualified to write…

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