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Parody Wikipedia Site Condenses Entries for Your Pleasure (16 Pics)

The Tumblr blog TL;DR Wikipedia delivers tongue-in-cheek descriptions of everything from resumes to Roman numerals. In case you don’t know, TL;DR stand for “too long; didn’t read.” [via designtaxi]


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16 Miserable Men That Went Shopping

Any man that has been to the mall with his girlfriend or wife knows the pain that these men are enduring. Miserable_Men is an Instagram that documents these poor souls… [via dailydot]


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Dads Are the Original Hipsters (15 Pics)

Dads Are The Original Hipsters blog says, “Sorry hipsters, your dad was the original hipster and he was killing it back in the day.” [via 22words]


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If Historical Moments Were Shared on Instagram (16 Pics)

The new blog Histagrams is dedicated to documenting the history of the world one Instagram update at a time…


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Cats Wearing Tights (14 Pics)

The blog Meowtfit is dedicated to capturing our fine feline friends decked out in their best tights. It is officially my new favorite thing! [via sad and useless]


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Humiliated Etsy Boyfriends (15 Pics)

These poor boyfriends have been forced to model the etsy creations of their girlfriends… [via sad and useless]


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