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32 Drawsome Batman Drawings

Drawsome Drawings is a new blog that posts impressive drawings from the game Draw Something. I like the recurring Batman-themed ones the best. I’m pretty sure you’ll like them too…


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Ordinary Batman Adventures (5 Pics)

What does Batman do on those occasional days when there’s no crime in Gotham City? Well, he still has adventures…they’re just not all that exciting. This amazing GIF series was created by Sarah Johnson (she promises to make more…here’s her Tumblr).


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Jingle Bells…(IMAGE)


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Roommate Notes Found in the Hall of Justice

Wonder Woman, you parked your invisible plane in my spot again. Backed the Batmobile right into it. You owe me a new bumper – Batman

Hulk, we have a front door for a reason. Please stop smashing through my bedroom wall. And I don’t care how long Hawkman said you could crash on the couch, you need to get out. Thanks, Green Lantern.

Everyone, RENT IS DUE! I’m not paying it all again. Either get your alter ego a job or get out – Batman

Hey Flash – STOP EATING MY HOT POCKETS! – Martian Manhunter

Marvin, Wonderdog took a shit on my jumpsuit again. If you can’t take care of that dog I swear to God I’m going to slingshot him into the stratosphere – Plastic Man

Green Lantern, I borrowed that pretty ring of yours for my date last night (matched my outfit). I’m so sorry, but I left it at the restaurant and they couldn’t find it when I called them this morning– my bad. Here’s $10 to replace. Thanks, Black Canary

Hawkman, please stop trimming your feathers over the toilet. Or at least clean them off the toilet seat when you’re done. I’m sick of wiping those course little things off with toilet paper every time I need to take a dump – The Flash

Who peed in the pool? – Aquaman

Robin, can you and Batman PLEASE keep it down at night? All that banging is keeping me up and you know I have to get up early for work – Wonder Woman

Moving back to the Fortress of Solitude. Screw you all – Superman


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Tweets From Batman

Batman cape caught in revolving door at Neiman-Marcus. Waiting for security.

Batman RT @Riddler Riddle me this: What are the chilliest 12 inches in he world? // Help followers! Gotham City is in peril!

Batman omfg final episode of LOST you guys!

Batman for sale: Bowflex and elliptical. Doing P90X so don’t need anymore. Message me if interested.

Batman @CommissionerGordon saw the Bat Signal. On my way, but caught in traffic.

Batman just bought more stock in Wayne Enterprises. You should too!

Batman purple pants? Look at this fucking hipster. http://tinyurl.com/33nycxu

Batman getting hungry waiting for @Joker. You think Pizza Hut delivers to abandoned warehouse? LOL.

Batman @Riddler Cold Feet!

Batman Blacberty keypwd and kevlor glovez dun’t mix


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Money-Saving Tips for the Modern Superhero

Feel like you're burning money?

Being a superhero is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling professions in the world. Sure, it may be stressful running around at all hours of the day putting a halt to supervillains and their endless plans for world domination, but it’s all worth it just to see the looks of gratitude on citizens and high-ranking city officials after a job well done.

Unfortunately, you can’t pay the rent with keys to the city or the laughter of little children (trust me, I’ve tried). As such, in today’s tough economy, even protectors of the free world need help putting food on the table, money in the bank or gasoline in the invisible airplane. If you are a superhero, trim your budget and stay out of debt with these simple money-saving tips:

Drive Less

Let’s face it, the price for a gallon of gasoline isn’t getting any cheaper. And, if you’ve got a tricked-out road machine that rockets from zero to Mach 6 in under three seconds, chances are you’re not buying unleaded. As such, it just makes sense to keep that crime-fighting machine in the garage as often as possible. Sure, taking the bus or subway to your arch-nemesis’ secret underground lair may not be the “cool” way to travel, but what you lose in style points, you more than make up for in fuel savings.

If you live on Monster Island, Asgard or a similarly secluded area that has no public transportation, you might consider carpooling with a friend or neighbor to cut down on gas. Also, if you can fly or run really fast, let’s not be lazy – hoofing it is a great way to get from point A to B.

Spend Less on Gadgetry

If your natural super powers need a little help from science, then you’re monthly bill for high-tech gadgets is probably pretty high. You can lower this bill by being more restrictive in your purchases. For example, be honest with yourself – do you really need that brand-new adamantium suit hanging in the window of the Montgomery Ward? Or will that old, tried-and-true carbonadium suit work just as well?

If you do have to buy new gadgets, consider buying used. It may take a little extra effort, but you’d be surprised how often you’ll find a perfectly good flaming sword or Helm of Nabu simply by digging through the bargain bin of your local thrift store.

Anything Can be a Cape

If you’re fighting crime on a daily basis, then it’s probably fair to say you’re spending a small fortune on spandex and flashy capes. However, why waste money on a bunch of store-bought capes when an old towel or duvet cover works just as well?  Simply use a Sharpie to trace on your logo, tie it around your neck, and your new cape is all set to start flapping in the wind!

Get Rid of That Direct Line to the Commissioner

You better not be calling long distance.

A phone line that only connects you to one person? In today’s modern world of cell phones, such an idea not only seems unnecessary, but inconvenient. As such, ditch that old-fashioned landline phone and get hooked up with a nationwide plan from your favorite major cell phone company. If you’re worried about all those emergency calls from the commish hogging all your minutes, consider going with T-Mobile and add him as one of your “Faves” to achieve unlimited calling. Then, program a unique ringtone to the commissioner’s phone number, and bingo – you’ve brought your red, blinking rotary into the 21st century.

Get a Roommate

If you’re a successful crime-fighter, chances are you live alone (unless you have a sidekick). Whether you’re living in a lavish manor in Gotham City or a studio apartment in Metropolis, take a cue from the Fantastic Four and get a roommate or two. You’re never home anyway, why not cut your rent in half and start sharing that space with someone who will actually be there?

Someone's got the street clothes blues.

Ditch the Secret Identity

Sure, a secret identity allows you to blend into the background and take part in day-to-day activities, but really, how necessary is a secret identity? If you cut the charade and just assume your superhero persona 24/7, you’ll save a fortune by not having to pay for a second wardrobe.

It might be tough at first to meet your friends for coffee at Starbucks or co-workers at the Daily Planet in full costume, but pretty soon it will all be water under the bridge. And if you’re friends turn out to not be cool about your true identity, well then who wants someone like that for a friend anyway?

Other Tips

Brown bag your lunch: Throw a backpack or fannypack on over your costume, and you can bring your peanut butter and jelly with you wherever you go.

Invest in liability insurance: It’s inevitable, you’re going to wreck the occasional city building or two. Invest in some good insurance and it will save you money in the long run.

Cut your own hair: You don’t need to spend $50 for a fancy haircut – it’s under a mask half the time anyway.


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