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Artist Turns Corrective Helmets for Babies into Works of Art

Flat-head syndrome is a fairly common baby ailment that requires a helmet to fix. Rather than be stuck with a boring old white one, Paula Strawn makes a living painting them… [via mymodernmet]


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Artist ‘Improves’ Thrift Store Paintings With Geeky Additions (11 Pics)

New York artist Dave Pollot (with the help of his girlfriend Becca) scours thrift stores for mediocre paintings, and then improves them by adding pop culture references… [via mymodernmet]


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Famous Punches Illustrated by Aled Lewis (10 Pics)

Illustrator Aled Lewis recounts a few of the most famous punches ever thrown in movies and TV with his series, Pixel Punches. [via xombiedirge]

I Don’t Want A Piece of You. I Want The Whole Thing! (Happy Gilmore):


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Creative Sketches Incorporate Real-World Objects (17 Pics)

Artist Victor Nunes finds faces in unconventional places with this series of impressive sketches… [via blazenfluff]


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20 Awesome Illustrations of Humanized Animals

Vietnamese illustrator Kim Nguyen dazzles your eyeballs with his impressive Anthros series that features humanized animals. [via ufunk]


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Hogwarts Travel Posters

Artist Caroline Hadilaksono shows us what a few travel posters might look like in the Harry Potter Universe. [via the mary sue] (more…)

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