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THIS IS NOT MY CAT! (24 pics)

These cats should be arrested for trespassing and/or breaking and entering because NONE OF THESE PEOPLE OWN CATS…


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14 Dumb Animal Facts That Are Absolutely True

The subreddit r/ShittyAnimalFacts is full of interesting tidbits that are absolutely 100% true… [via metapicture]

Some dogs are known to disguise themselves as platypuses, usually for tax reasons:


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21 Guilty Animals That Are Very Sorry for What They Just Did

We all make bad decisions we regret later. Here are the faces of guilt…


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‘Star Wars’ Characters Pose With Pets to Help Get Them Adopted

The Ottawa Humane Society teamed up with the 501st Legion (a group that makes appearances as ‘Star Wars’ villains) to take these amazing adoption photos. All images taken by Rohit Saxena. [via mashable]


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Compilation of Cats Knocking Stuff Over


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Meet Gary: The Kitten With Permanently Worried ‘Eyebrows’

Gary is barely 8 weeks old, and he’s already way more famous than you’ll ever be. His claim to fame? Those adorable black markings that make him look constantly worried. [Follow Gary on Facebook] [via bored panda]


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