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Mama the French Bulldog DJs Alongside Owner

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This Dog and Cat Are Best Friends and We’re All Better Off for It (16 Pics)

This is Oliver the dog and Arashi the cat. They would like to submit these pictures as proof that they are the cutest best friends on the entire planet. For more pics, follow them on Instagram. [via buzzfeed]


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20 Pets That Really Didn’t Want to Go to the Vet

All of these pets are going in for check-up, and none of them are very happy about it. [h/t sad and useless]


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Farmer Dresses Up Ducks for Elaborate Fashion Show

Brian Harrington is an Australian farmer that has been dressing up his ducks in elaborate garb for the past 30 years. Brian works with an actual dressmaker to fit the ducks with their own stylish looks. [via distractify]


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21 Perfect Cat Reactions to Going Outside for the First Time

These cats all just went outside for the very first time. Here’s how they reacted…


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Penguin Visits South African Hotel, Refuses to Leave

I bet you’ve never had this pest problem…

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