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These Cats With Death Stares Clearly Want You Dead (15 Pics)

Do not turn your backs on these cats because they are mad at you and ready to murder… [via s&u]


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Boppity Bunny – The Wonderful Adoption Song for Bunnies

This song by Parry Gripp is the perfect excuse to show you some adorable bunnies (which are up for adoption at a place called B.U.N.S.).

via neatorama

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Callous Cat Ignores Owner’s Pleas to Stop Knocking Things Off Table

via dailydot

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24 Places Cats Don’t Belong

Cat! What are you doing!? Get out of there and go lay down somewhere you belong!!

Inside this ceiling:


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Dog Peacefully Protests His Owner’s Request to Go for a Walk

via 22words

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Meet Atchoum: The Cat With the Heavy Metal Death Stare

Atchoum is by far the most metal cat you will ever see…he’s even got that long hair for head banging. Despite his grizzled appearance, Atchoum’s owner promises he is a sweetie once you get to know him. See more on FB and Instagram [via bored panda]


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