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21 Hamsters Caught Stuffing Their Big, Fat Faces

Hey hamsters, it’s called SENSIBLE BITES! Ever heard of it?


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Where There is Food, There is Pug (24 Pics)

When it’s snack time, a hungry pug is never far behind (via cats beavers ducks/animalseatingcake).


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21 Pets That Absolutely Hate Their Halloween Costumes

These dogs and cats are not a fan of Halloween…


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Baby Owls Investigate a GoPro Camera

via 22words

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Lincoln the Red Panda is Here to Steal Your Heart

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo has a new adorable friend for you…

via dpf

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‘Slittens’ Are Kittens With Sloth Faces (14 Pics)

There’s a tumblr blog that does nothing but Photoshop sloth faces onto pictures of kittens… [via laughing squid]


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