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18 Dogs With Very Important Jobs

These working dogs are ready to assist you…


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Artist Crochets Stylish Sweaters for Tortoises (14 Pics)

Australian artist Katie Bradley has found a way to keep tortoises stylishly warm. Check out (and buy) more of her designs on Etsy. [via designtaxi]


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Metalheads Posing With Their Cats (11 Pics)

Apparently, even the most hardcore metal fan has a soft side. Musician, jewelry designer and metal fan Alexandra Crocket has assembled a book of photos that feature metalheads posing with their cats. The book is aptly titled Metal Cats. [via flavorwire]


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Can You Find Momo the Dog in These Pictures? (18 Pics)

Photographer Andrew Knapp has traveled the countryside taking pictures of his border collie hiding in various places. You can buy the Go Find Momo book on Amazon. [via metapicture]


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30 Big Cats Caught Being Adorable

You can take the cat out of the jungle, but you can’t take the adorable out of the cat…


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Cat Owners Will Understand (24 Pics)

Owning a cat is a love/hate relationship (but mostly love)…


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