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24 Animals That Are Just Trying to Stay Warm This Winter

These animals are cold and ready to curl up with you for the winter…


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21 Images Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better About Life

Here’s the perfect post for counteracting those Monday blues…


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Meet Pringle: The Little Lizard With a Big Personality (20 Pics)

Anyone who thinks lizards can’t be cute has obviously never met Pringle the Bearded Dragon. Pringle lives in Melbourne, Australia and can be followed on tumblr


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24 Cats That Have Turned the Christmas Tree Into Their New Home

These cats have turned your Christmas tree into the hot new hangout and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. [via catsbeaversducks/danielle503]


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26 of the Happiest Animals on the Planet

These happy critters just might be the most optimistic animals on the planet…


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‘Let It Go’ Wakes Up Sleeping Puppy

Oakley is an Australian Shepard that clearly has a love for Disney movies…

via dpf

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