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How Your Dog Sees Beloved Children’s Books (10 Pics)

Here’s what the titles of popular kid’s books would be if they were named by dogs. [via hp]


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14 Unfortunate Dogs With Bee Stings

I feel so bad for laughing…


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‘Cat Sass’ Comics Show Us How Brutally Honest Cats Would be if They Could Talk

Catsass comics makes your greatest fears a reality by proving talking cats are assholes. You can follow Catsass on tumblr for more. [via designtaxi]


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Bulldog vs. Leaf Blower

via happyplace

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Fritz the Dog Sucks at Playing Catch

via mwt

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Cats Plus Snapchat Equals Snapcat (17 Pics)

Snapchatter Takes1toDough1 brings cats into the world of Snapchat with these clever illustrations. Follow on Snapchat or Instagram for more.


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