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10 Cute Animals That Have a Serious Hoarding Problem

These animals really need to learn how to LET GO and get rid of the excess clutter in their lives…


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18 Animals That Really Want to be in Your Selfies

These animals are super excited to be taking a photo with you…


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These Sleeping Baby Otters Will Steal Your Heart

They sound like squeaky toys!

via designtaxi

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21 Animal Hybrids That Are Horrifyingly Hilarious

The subreddit Hybrid Animals uses the magic of Photoshop to mash up various creatures from the animal kingdom…


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16 Angora Rabbits That Really Need a Haircut (16 Pics)

A little off the top, please…


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The 15 Best Hedgehog GIFs on the Planet

My sister loves hedgehogs and it is her birthday today. So, everyone can thank her for this incredibly important post…


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