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This Pitbull/Dachshund Mix is Hilariously Odd

The Internet is currently going nuts over Rami, the pitbull/dachshund. As you can see, he looks like a mish-mash of two dogs in one. Rami is currently up for adoption, but given his newfound fame I’m sure he’ll have a home in no time… [via mashable]


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Birds With Big Mouths Instead of Beaks (8 Pics)

These horrifying ‘Big Mouth Birds’ are the work of digital artist Sarah DeRemer. Let’s all be glad birds have beaks… [via lsq]


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20 Animals That Just Want to be in Your Selfie

These animals want in on your selfie action!


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15 Animals That Are Too Smart for Their Own Good

These animals are eerily clever…


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Check Out This Weird New Breed of Pit Bull

Never seen one of these before…

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A Tribute to TV Dogs

via TO

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