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37 Responses to Contact

  1. susan says:

    Love your stuff! Are you on Pinterest or plan to be?

  2. yerffaccm says:

    You should sell pleated jeans!

  3. Matthew says:

    Funniest website I have ever stumbled across, you should should make some merch – would buy!

  4. Chris Kelly says:

    If I spoke 8 languages I would compliment this site in at least 3 of them! Cool beans Jeffrey!

  5. brandon says:

    hi! love the website. not sure where to give suggestions so ill do it here. i visit multiple times per week to view all the new stuff, but for older posts i have to click the ‘older posts’ button a million times. you should sort the pages by numbers so i can skip all the way to the beginning and start from there! gotta see ALL the funnies :)))

  6. Tiffany Gelmi says:

    I love this site so much, you’re hilarious :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is a Tumblr called “stuff on my rabbit” it’s an adorable bunny with stuff on it’s head

  8. oldlady says:

    I have no idea how you can read the brain of a 69-year-old woman (me) so well, but I applaud your ability to come up with funny multi-generational stuff. Or maybe I’m just immature…. oh well, I’ll re-examine my life later. Thanks for the videos.

  9. Kit Mason says:

    i love your misheard lyrics. for the longest time my wife thought feel good by gorillas said milk duds. one day she ask me what he was saying because milk duds didn’t make any sense to her. i just thought i would share it. lol

  10. Faizan says:

    hey, just wanted to tell you to continue on with the ‘Tumblr Gets Deep’ thing.
    It’s hilarious.

  11. Fnuggi says:

    hey i’ve long been frustrated over ‘you’r daily life’ post (wich i love) isn’t an everyday post :( it would be awesome if you could do something about it, you’ll get a lot of credit from here ^^

  12. CallMeJane says:

    I’m sat in the middle of Africa this summer and your website is keeping me deliriously entertained on a daily basis. Please don’t get too cool for this.. Ever.

  13. Micky says:

    I love “Tumblr Gets Deep”, I’m so glad it s a weekly thing now!

  14. Kat says:

    I am so in love with “Tumblr Gets Deep”!!! Its my new favorite thing!

  15. Erin McDougall says:

    You make my Wednesdays! Your videos are the funniest vids ever! You are awesome!keep up the good work lovely :)

  16. Kiara says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I’ve been watching your videos and following your blog for a while now. I actually don’t have a suggestion for you; I just wanted to say I find you wonderfully adorable. I hope sometime I see you at Vidcon, because truth be told, being in your presence would be awesome :3

  17. Laurie Huske says:

    Your Sesame St. Mental Disorders is not only inaccurate, but not funny. We lost our son to his mental illnesses, and during the holidays, this is especially painful.
    We appreciate humor and fun, but not at the expense of vulnerable people. I trust that you would not do a whole page on subjects with other disorders….cancer, MS, heart disease, diabetes, paralysis, etc. etc. Using an illness that can’t be helped for amusement only promotes stigma. It’s obvious that you used considerable time to put this together. I urge you to use your creative talents to promote healing rather than harm.

  18. Kiara says:

    happy holidays :)

  19. Burdaogren says:

    I am so in love with “Tumblr Gets Deep”!!! Its my new favorite thing!

  20. Jen says:

    Will you PLEEZ have at least one more day of “Tumblr Gets Deep”? My Thursday fix is just not enough. PLEEEEEEEEEEZ.

    • K says:

      I agree! I never have enough of the Tumblr stuff you post. I would keep reading and reading and reading and reading that. I find you have an amazing ability to target such a diverse audience. It’s also nice to have (mostly) clean humor on such a funny site! Keep doing this!

  21. Todd says:

    Your website’s broken right now.

  22. Ally says:


    Awesome website. I love it, except for the pop up spam.
    I get that you gotta make money; but these ads are fucking shitting me, man.

    lotsa love


  23. piet says:

    Last day here.
    Sorry, the ad placement is getting more anoying than your fun is worth.
    Good luck with the website.

  24. p. debunker says:

    The “factoid” about donkeys killing people can be checked out several places on the web, including, but not limited to SNOPES

  25. Alex says:

    I love your sense of humor here at Pleated Jeans, dude. I’ve seen a bunch of your videos-the tie tying tutorial one was great-and the comics of yours I’ve seen are funny. Thanks for the hard work collecting funny content from the internet and giving us a way to find its creators.

    You’re great, thanks for the laughs Jeff!

  26. K says:

    Found your misheard lyrics by accident on You tube… Lol’d lots. Used to like too, but your version showing the vid is funnier! Do you take suggestions??
    Cuz I swear those annoying Pussycat Dolls wanted “boobies” when they grew up, instead of groupies. Give it a listen.

  27. name says:

    can you add a button that takes you to a random page on your website?

  28. Anonymous says:

    We LOVE your misheard lyrics videos, my kids and I watch them over and over. Now when we hear Blurred Lines we hear “Baby can you breed a cactus from Jamaica” every single time! I have one for you courtesy of my husband, in the car he was singing Girls Chase Boys at the top of his lungs and sang “Girls chase boy’s cheese curls” we all sing it that way now because it is too funny. :)

  29. rid1 says:

    Why can i comment here but not on any of the pics…it says im posting too fast, i must slow down?? Been like that over half a year.

  30. Jody says:

    Hi Jeff

    Would love to be able to browse a mobile version of your site or event possibly an app version, please make your site mobile friendly…

    Bring on the responsive wordpress theme :P

    love ya work

  31. HamatoKameko says:

    You really need to do something about the posting glitch. Out of three attempts to comment, only two went through, because I was “posting too fast.” Even though there was significant time between them. I lost a fairly long comment because when I got the error, and hit the back button, it was gone. And the very first time I ever tried to post on your site, it told me I was posting too fast, so it’s clearly a glitch that needs clearing up.

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