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Adorable Nephew Thinks Baby Needs to Charge Before it Can Come Home

Kids these days have different frames of reference. After seeing his new cousin for the first time, a 5-year-old asked his uncle how long the newborn needed to charge before it could come home. That’s a heart-rate monitor… [via]

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‘Reflection of Hideous Man’ Currently on Display in the LACMA Museum Bathroom

ThisĀ sick burnĀ in the museum bathroom is the latest addition to LACMA’s art collection. [via obvious plant]

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Dad Gives Honest Answers to Daycare Questionaire

This dad didn’t hold back any punches when it came to describing his 11-month-old daughter… [via neatorama]

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Doctor’s Reply to Companies Requiring a Medical Note for Sick Days is Absolutely Perfect

This doctor is fed up with patients coming to him strictly to receive a written medical note, and for good reason… [via]

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This Diagram of a Baby is Way Too Honest

Parents can identify with this painfully honest diagram of a baby… [via happyplace]

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Mom Uses Eggs to Make Amazing Breakfast Scenes (9 Pics)

Anne Widya is a Hong Kong-based mother of four who somehow has enough time to turn her kids’ breakfasts into these adorably cute scenes. [via lsq]


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