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Mom Uses Eggs to Make Amazing Breakfast Scenes (9 Pics)

Anne Widya is a Hong Kong-based mother of four who somehow has enough time to turn her kids’ breakfasts into these adorably cute scenes. [via lsq]


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Guy Perfectly Turns Tables on Text Spammer

This guy found the best way possible to reply to a spam text… [via elitedaily]

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Girl Texts Mom Using Only Lyrics From ‘Anaconda’

This is what happened when @2006marvel texted her mom with nothing but lyrics from Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda.’ [via buzzfeed]


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Dad and Kids Build Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Out of LEGOs

3,200 invisible pieces!? Wow, what an impressive feat of teamwork and patience! [via lsq]


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Restaurant Owner’s Perfect Response to Angry Yelp Review

This restaurant owner went out of his way to reply to one woman’s angry Yelp review. Click through to see his beautiful response… [via themeta]


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Charts Explain Why Brunch is the Worst

These charts by Michelle Rial perfectly sum up the brunch experience… [via mashable]


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