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This Singaporean Music Video is Deliciously Terrible

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Photographer Makes Son With Down Syndrome Fly in This Great Photoseries (15 Pics)

William (Wil) is the youngest son of Alan Lawrence. Despite Wil’s down syndrome, his dad wants him to know that he has the ability to fly and succeed in anything he does. With the help of Photoshop, this photoseries is here to inspire Wil (and everyone) to reach for the stars. Learn more about Wil on That Dad Blog and check out Alan’s Kickstarter to inspire and support other families living with Down’s Syndrome. [via bored panda]


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18 People Who Really Need to Work on Their Flirting

These text messages prove¬†there are plenty of people¬†who are far from skilled in the art of flirtation… [via distractify]


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Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Teaches Elmo About Vaccinations

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Thank You, Captain Obvious (21 Pics)

These clarifications were unnecessary…


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10 Cute Animals That Have a Serious Hoarding Problem

These animals really need to learn how to LET GO and get rid of the excess clutter in their lives…


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