25 of the Most Mildly Infuriating Things Ever

The subreddit Mildly Infuriating is dedicated to documenting all the little things in life that really ruffle your feathers…

That last bit of soap that never pumps out:

The number of holes in these waffles don’t match the number of holes in this waffle maker:

This epic seat hogger:

Those inexplicable grammar “mistakes:”

When this happens to your peanut butter cup:

Or this happens to your bowl:

Or this happens to your slushie:

When butter refuses to spread:

When stores charge more than the recommended price:

Erasers that do this:

Straws that do this:

This wall corner that doesn’t line up:

When ‘Click to Enlarge’ gives you the exact same size:

The length of this animated GIF:

This misplaced cement tile:

When you wash your hands while wearing long sleeves:


Too many requirements for creating a password:

All those pop-ups on Youtube videos:

When your arm hair gets caught in those concert wristbands:

When your straw does this:

When your shoe insoles do this:

When pencils do this:

Cans that don’t stack on themselves:

Books that do this:

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28 Responses to 25 of the Most Mildly Infuriating Things Ever

  1. Yuhas says:

    26. When you pop opened a Pringles can and found out most of the chips are broken :(

  2. Brookeee says:

    this post kills me ugh

  3. Kit says:

    is this what high blood pressure feels like

  4. catie says:

    Just looking at these makes me nuts.

  5. RhoShampo says:

    That sidewalk tile. I know where it is. I ride my bike over it all the time. Makes me completely insane.

  6. Tony Placebo says:

    Waffle makers are for Waffle Batter. Who is putting pre-formed toaster oven waffles in them?

  7. Amgine says:

    All of these are stolen from Reddit. Nothing wrong with that, but please source Reddit next time.

  8. dane says:

    lifehack: ice in your drink will help your straw from floating. if your teeth are too sensitive, start brushing with sensodyne. if you’re worried about it getting watered down, refills are free and you CAN ask your server for a new drink (it’s part of their job). if you don’t like any of those above suggestions, drink water!

  9. NancyEH says:

    The password one requires a series because they almost always *don’t* tell you about the requirements until you’ve already put in a password (without the number, and/or the capital, and/or the symbol) you might possibly remember.

  10. Cloudchaser Sakonige says:

    Or as I call it, 25 examples of don’t sweat the small stuff

  11. Ron says:

    Dane, no one likes you and you’ll probably die alone.

  12. iconmaster says:

    I am screaming. This is the most terrifying Internet page. Help.

  13. Wedge says:

    Here’s the full video for the dominoes gif: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueP-sPcgooI

  14. Ga ga. says:

    Fuck this post fuck my migraine

  15. Rebekkah says:

    The fact that they are charging $2 for the 99 cent Arizona Ice teas more that mildly infuriates me. Like this ____ much more than mildly. especially since you can buy them for even less than 99 cents some places.

  16. Zoi says:

    The fact that the gif is long but not long enough to show the entire tumbling to the end is even more infuriating.

  17. me says:

    First world fucking problems. I hate whoever wrote this and I hate whoever agrees with this. Die. kthx.

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