Bad Russian Wedding Photography (27 Pics)

Apparently, this is what traditional wedding photos in Russia looks like… [via sad and useless]



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5 Responses to Bad Russian Wedding Photography (27 Pics)

  1. aksel says:

    i’m a little sadder on the inside now.

  2. Kronaz says:

    How to be a Russian: Comb your hair forward and cut it in a straight line. Apparently in Russia, bangs are manly.

  3. Rik says:

    The one with the rug is actually creative :) I makes fun of this kind of russian wedding photos (even though those old ones with a rug are much better than what they came up with in the photoshop era…)

  4. paolo says:

    all kinds of ‘whadahell is going on here!!!?’

  5. k8fearsnoart says:

    The set culminating in the couple on the bicycle was actually very sweet!

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