Gritty Reboots of Popular Childhood Characters (14 Pics)

French illustrator Sylvain Sarrailh re-imagines a few classic childhood characters in this gritty series that he calls “Badass.” [via designtaxi]

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5 Responses to Gritty Reboots of Popular Childhood Characters (14 Pics)

  1. Brooke says:

    the mlp one: nigel, is that you?!

  2. Thane says:

    Okay, Tintin, Buzz Lightyear, & Inspector Gadget would all be AWESOME with gritty reboots. Treat them as serious animated shows with action and ZERO goofball antics and they would be more awesome than anything we’d seen yet.

  3. Kayla says:

    Brooke, thank you. I looked at Applejack’s face and thought ‘smashing!’.

  4. Keapon Laffin says:

    All good cept Huckfinn. That one is not really a ‘gritty reboot’ but more or less exactly like the original.
    I did especially like the Shrek one. Is he using Donkey as a weapon?

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