The 60 Funniest Webcomics of 2013

This list is partially weighted based on volume of output for the year. That’s why you’ll see veterans like Hark, A Vagrant and Three Word Phrase falling farther down the list. Also, it should be quite apparent that I prefer short reads to long/serialized comics…

1. Poorly Drawn Lines (on tumblr)

2. Jim Benton

3. Vector Belly (on tumblr)

4. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

5. Lunar Baboon

6. Up and Out (on tumblr)

7. The Doghouse Diaries

8. Cyanide and Happiness

9. xkcd

10. Gemma Correll (on tumblr)

11. Achewood 

12. The Oatmeal

13. Beth Evans (on tumblr)

14. Invisible Bread

15. Left-Handed Toons

16. Joan Cornella

17. Eat More Bikes (on tumblr)

18. Wondermark (on tumblr)

19. For Lack of a Better Comic (on tumblr)

20 Safely Endangered (on tumblr)

21. Mr. Lovenstein (on tumblr)

22. Kate or Die (on tumblr)

23. Sarah See Andersen (on tumblr)

24. Channelate (on tumblr)

25. Extra Fabulous Comics

26. Owlturd (on tumblr)

 27. Incidental Comics (on tumblr)

28. Anything Comic (on tumblr)

29. MercWorks

30. Three Word Phrase (on tumblr)

31. Hark, A Vagrant (on tumblr)

32. Gunshow Comic (on tumblr)

33. Fredo and Pid’jin

34. Nedroid (on tumblr)

35. Toothpaste for Dinner (on tumblr)

36. Formal Sweatpants

37. Chainsawsuit

38. Toonhole

39. The Awkward Yeti

40. The Gentleman’s Armchair (on tumblr)

41. Death Bulge

42. Pain Train

43. Cat vs. Human (on tumblr)

44. Sebastien Millon (on tumblr)

45. Liz Climo (on tumblr)

46. Pie Comic (on tumblr)

47. Buttersafe

48. Twitter the Comic (on tumblr)

49. Frenums (on tumblr)

50. Pandyland

51. Minimumble/Maximumble (on tumblr)

52. Infinite Nap

53. Robbie and Bobby (on tumblr)

54. Moonbeard (on tumblr)

55. Extraordinary Comics

56. Dorris McComics (on tumblr)

57. Completely Serious Comics

58. Loading Artist

59. I Am Arg!

60. Amazing Super Powers (on tumblr)

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2 Responses to The 60 Funniest Webcomics of 2013

  1. AaronX says:

    I have been waiting a year for this! I still have the 2012 one bookmarked!

  2. Alex Chang says:

    “Young Cannibals” needs to be added to this list fo’ sho’… This guy was delightful at Comic Con.

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